New paper on governance principles for conservation gene drives

This paper, co-author by PSI Research Group lead Pedro Fidelman, investigates the emerging principles for governing conservation gene drives.

Gene drive technology is an emerging biotechnology with the potential to address some of the most intractable global biodiversity conservation issues. The possibility to use gene drive for these conservation purposes has triggered significant interest in how to govern its development and eventual applications.

Drawing on a systematic literature review, we distil the principles emerging in the governance of conservation gene drive. Such review aimed to better understand the aspirations guiding these applications and how scientists and other experts imagine their responsibility in this field.

We found a collection of recommendations and prescriptions that could be organised into a set of seven emerging principles intended to shape the governance of gene drive in conservation: (i) broad and empowered engagement; (ii) public acceptance; (iii) decision-making informed by broad ranging considerations, (iv) state and international collaboration; (v) ethical frameworks; (vi) diverse expertise; and (vii) responsible self-regulation by developers.

This is an open-access paper which may be viewed at